RF Shielded containers

Comtest's RF Shielded containers are used for outdoors Main Equipment Rooms (MER) applications. RF shielding and Air-conditioning system is integrated inside a standard shipping container normally used for sea freight.


RF Shielded containers for radio astronomy

Protecting valuable data from electromagnetic and RF interference is a number one priority when you’re involved in astronomical research. Comtest designs and builds RF shielded containers that create a stable and air-conditioned environment with a high RF shielding effectiveness that’s perfect for radio astronomy. Do not hesitate to contact Comtest for more information on our shielded containers.

Providing an effective solution for astronomy RF shielding

Modern radio telescopes consist of an array of antennas to increase the sensitivity of the system. In addition, computer controlled multi-beam forming antenna feeds are used more often to improve performance. All received data is combined and collected by computer systems and transferred to a central high capacity computer centre for correlation and data analyzing.

Due to the high RF sensitivity of such radio telescopes, high performance RF shielding is required to avoid interference from local instrumentation such as computers and control systems. Comtest mobile RF shielded containers are specifically designed for use in such applications and provide an air-conditioned temperature stable environment with a high RF shielding effectiveness.

Completed projects

Comtest RF shielded mobile containers have been used successfully in the following radio astronomy projects:

  • Astron – LOFAR
  • WRST – Apertif
  • SKA – KAT-7

RF shielded container used below APERTIF-RadioTelescope

APERTIF RadioTelescopes installed by ASTRON in Westerbork, the Netherlands. Comtest RF shielded containers make it possible to process data from the telescope directly at its source.

Why work with Comtest?

Comtest understands the sensitivity of your research and the importance of protecting valuable data from possible interference. Therefore, our number one priority is to deliver an RF shielded room that is delivered on time, on budget and exactly according to the specifications you provided. Comtest can rely on more than thirty years of experience and veteran engineers that represent the best in the field of RF shielding.

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