RF Shielded Antenna Test Ranges

RF shielded antenna test chambers used for antenna pattern measurements. Typical equipment under test are mobile & telecom products as well as electronic products using wireless communication techniques.


RF Shielded Antenna Test Range

Compact antenna test ranges (CATR) provide a convenient means of testing antennas and wireless communication equipment in locations where obtaining far-field spacing would normally be too difficult. A compact range allows for less space to be used, but requires a second source antenna and a secondary reflector that work together to generate a region of plane waves. This is the quiet zone where testing can take place. Comtest builds high-performance CATR facilities that can measure medium to large size antennas over a range of 1 to 110 GHz.

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Compact antenna test ranges – primary applications

Most of the equipment being tested in CATR facilities falls under the category of mobile & telecom products, antenna arrays and other electronic products that use wireless communication techniques. A CATR’s primary purpose is measuring the radiation and scattering characteristics of high performance antennas over a wide range of frequencies.

Comtest Engineering standard

Our antenna test ranges are constructed using high-end materials and the latest techniques. When high RF shielding effectiveness is a requirement for a microwave anechoic chamber, an RF shielded room is used in addition to a fully lined treatment on floor, walls and ceiling with polystyrene microwave absorbers. These are some of the components used:

  • PAN-type (2mm) galvanized shielding panels
  • Structural steel support depending on range size
  • RF shielded door model (dimensions depending on the size of the AUT)
  • Microwave absorbers (model depending on chamber performance criteria)
  • RF Shielded feedthroughs
  • RF Shielded filters

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