Antenna Test Ranges

Using the latest in microwave absorber technology, Comtest supplies antenna testing facilities for a wide range of antenna measurement applications. Read more about our innovative Do It Yourself antenna chamber design and RF shielded antenna test ranges.


Antenna test ranges

Antenna measurements are performed in Antenna test ranges, fully covered with microwave absorbers. Comtest can provide customized solutions for antenna test ranges to perform both near field and far field measurements, each tailored to your specific requirements.

All antenna test ranges are lined with our polystyrene microwave absorbers. After intensive testing, our R&D department has finished the development of our new “Javelin-Tip” (JT) absorbers. Compared to our previous microwave absorbers the JT absorbers have an enhanced material composition and altered shape for improved performance at mm-wave frequencies.

Aiding your research

Our number one priority is to supply an antenna test range that speeds up your research and product development. An antenna test range often means a large investment that is expected to function reliably, according to the specifications you provided. Comtest has been building high-quality antenna test ranges for over two decades. This means we have the experience necessary to ensure your project is delivered on schedule, on budget and exactly as ordered.

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If you’re not entirely sure which type of test range best fits your research, don’t hesitate to contact our consultants for more information.