EMC chamber maintenance & service

Even though our EMC chambers are constructed using durable materials that resist corrosion and should be good for many years of use, proper maintenance is key to keep an EMC facility operating within its optimal range. Since we know our chambers inside and out, Comtest also provides the maintenance and service needed during a chamber’s many years of use.

Maintenance Shielded enclosures require maintenance to prevent breakdowns

Shielded rooms and Anechoic Chambers require maintenance to prevent breakdowns and deterioration of its shielding characteristics. This is important to ensure the test facility stays within limits and it’s always ready to use.

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Refurbishments Upgrade your (Semi) Anechoic Chambers

Build a new facility or refurbish your existing anechoic chamber with new absorbing material? If you have ever wondered what would be best for your current situation, contact our technical consultants, they will help you answer this question.

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Site validation Stay compliant, validate your facility

Not sure whether your anechoic chamber or shielded enclosure still functions within its intended ranges? Comtest Engineering is able to perform various site validation measurements, such as SE, NSA, and FU. All executed by our skilled engineers.

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