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Victron Energy

Radiated Immunity Chamber at Victron Energy

Victron Energy is a global market leader in the realm of independent electric power. With over 45 years of experience, the Dutch family enterprise supplies chargers, inverters, transformers, DC-DC converters, solar panels & charge controllers, batteries and battery management systems for a wide range of applications. Victron Energy products are used by clients in automotive, marine, mobility, off-grid & backup, telecom, energy storage and industrial sectors.

Considering the nature of the products Victron Energy develops, it is logical and indeed essential for us to have sufficient EMC testing capabilities. Time to market is always a prime consideration and being self-sufficient in terms of testing allows us to shorten that time significantly. In order to expand those capabilities, Victron Energy asked Comtest Engineering to build a second EMC testing facility at our Eindhoven location.

Now that construction on the new chamber is finished, I can safely say that working with Comtest has been very straightforward. The people at Comtest made things easy by keeping track of the big picture as well as the details, allowing me to remain focused on my own responsibilities. In addition, Comtest delivers a turn-key solution so there’s no risk of incompatibility or subpar calibration. Combined with Comtest’s accommodating nature, that kind of approach makes all the difference.

Omar Romero, Engineer, Victron Energy

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