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Treo Accredited Test Laboratories

5m SAC & MIL-STD test chamber at Treo

Treo is an accredited and independent provider for thorough product, component and materials testing. Renowned manufactures from aviation, space, automotive, shipbuilding, renewables, defense and rail industries rely on Treo to provide high-end testing solutions for the products of tomorrow.

Classic environmental simulation tests for vibration, shock, climate and temperature can of course be conducted in our testing facilities, but Treo also offers modern EMC laboratories for the kind of electrical safety, radiated and conducted emission and susceptibility testing that requires shielded environments and carefully calibrated equipment. It is for the expansion of these capabilities that Treo collaborated with Comtest Engineering on the construction of new testing chambers.

Designs for the new EMC chambers were finalized in 2018. By November of 2019, construction was already finished, making for an extremely fast turnaround time on a very complex project. Our clients come to us for their testing needs because of Treo’s service and solution-based approach. This means that instead of simply running the tests and reporting pass or fail, we strive for actual collaboration with clients to ensure a product complies with regulations and gets to market quickly.

In constructing our new EMC chambers, Comtest adopted a similar approach. Their team was extremely motivated and worked with us to create a unique type of chamber system that hasn’t been built before. The new facility is outfitted with auxiliary rooms that greatly enhance its usability (and by extension, the service we can offer our clients). Moreover, we were very impressed with how quickly Comtest was able to go from initial design to fully realized and up-and-running facility while the building around the chamber system was still under construction. The team here at Treo greatly enjoyed working with Comtest and never regret to choose Comtest as its partner for this project. I’m sure we’ll do such amazing projects together again in the future.

Dr.-Ing. Hanno Frömming, Managing Director, Treo Accredited Test Laboratories

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