Radiated Immunity Chamber at Philips

Philips is a global leader in image-guide therapy and medical imaging techniques that enable minimally invasive procedures for healthcare providers around the world. Whether the focus is coronary, neuro-vascular or peripheral, it is the vision of Philips that image guided therapies will continue to improve treatments as well as outcomes in many different clinical areas.

Due to their use in critical medical environments, compliance is a major factor in the design of the imaging systems that aid medical professionals in treating patients. Philips therefore operates its own research and development branch where new imaging systems are designed and tested for compliance using EMC or anechoic chambers. A key objective is to signal unwanted interactions early on in the design process to allow for structurally sound solutions as opposed to the quick (and often inferior) fixes one would be restricted to if flaws were only detected later on.

To expand these EMC testing capabilities, Philips worked with Comtest engineering to construct a new anechoic chamber. From start to finish the project took roughly eight months. Actual construction lasted for two weeks. During the entire project, Comtest was clear in its communication and quick to address issues that came up. In addition, their candor with regards to what Comtest did and did not consider its areas of expertise was greatly appreciated since this made it much easier to effectively determine the scope of the project.

Rob Kleihorst, System Designer and EMC Lead, Philips Image Guided Therapy

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