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3m Semi-Anechoic chamber at Emitech

With 16 different sites, over 500 employees and more than 36,000 m2 of combined testing space spread across France, it is fair to say that the Emitech Group is one of the largest providers of independent testing in Europe. Whether it’s mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic or everything in between, we offer a high-end testing solution for clients from every conceivable industry, even the military.

At Emitech, there are over 40 different types of testing chambers  to fit any kind of testing need for clients that value responsiveness and reliability. A large number of these chambers were constructed by Comtest Engineering. Many of them were added in the last four years, each one state-of-the-art. One of the most recent examples is a 3m SAC setup for our Emitech location in Angers. The new chamber is built primarily for tests related to the ubiquitous CE marking.

What is remarkable about this chamber, as well as others Comtest have built for Emitech, is the speed with which construction was completed. The 3m chamber was ready within a week. And this was no fluke, two years ago they managed a similar feat by completing four chambers in the space of a month. They act very fast, though not without being thorough. It is for this reason we are very satisfied with Comtest’s service and we look forward to working with them on many more projects to come.

Julien Joly, Operations director deputy, Emitech Group

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