RF Shielded room at CEA Saclay

CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy commission) is an important player in the research and development of low carbon energies, physical & life sciences and defense & security. Due to its involvement with both academic and industrial partners, CEA is in a unique position to bridge gaps between otherwise separate entities as evidenced by its role in high profile national alliances pertaining to energy, environment, health and technology.

We are also actively involved in the development of new materials that can be applied in particle accelerators, cryogenics, superconductors, photovoltaics and other low carbon methods of energy generation. To aid this research, CEA sought to expand its low noise testing capabilities. A call for tenders was submitted to which Comtest promptly responded. In addition to their attractive pricing, the speed and quality of their responses to our queries is what convinced us to select Comtest for the construction of the new shielded room.

The experience of building a new chamber with Comtest was pleasant and the result a full success. Granted, the dimensions of the room are modest, but completion of the facility in less than a week is still an impressive feat. Furthermore, the Comtest engineers were efficient, easy to communicate with and innovative in the handling of issues that came up. As for the chamber itself, it is completely on specification and 50 times more effective in blocking out background noise than the previous configuration.

Dr. Thomas Proslier, Material Scientist, CEA

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