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EMC testing for the medical industry

EMC chambers and rf shielded rooms are essential for the medical industry, both in their use by medical professionals (shielding imaging techniques from interference) and by manufacturers developing medical equipment. Comtest builds high-performance EMC chambers of various sizes to accommodate, and properly test, a wide range medical of equipment.

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Comtest solutions for medical testing

The following solutions are designed for testing medical equipment:

  • RF shielded rooms (MRI)
  • Semi Anechoic Chamber with 5 or 10 meter test distance (depending on EUT sizes)

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Comtest has a reputation for building the kind of high-quality testing chambers that can live up to the needs of the medical industry. We have more than thirty years of experience with the design and construction of EMC testing chambers that raise the bar in terms of accuracy, reliability and durability. If you’re interested in an EMC chamber for the development of medical equipment, contact our consultancy department for more information.

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