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EMC testing for the automotive industry

With the growing importance of autonomous driving and a move towards electric vehicles, the automotive industry has to balance many different technologies in ever smaller and more efficient packages. All this in accordance with a wide range of international standards and regulations to ensure a vehicle can be operated safely. In order to test for these standards reliably, Comtest builds high-quality EMC test chambers specifically for the automotive industry.

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Perfect for automotive testing

Perform the following research using Comtest’s automotive testing chambers:

  • EMC component testing
  • EMC full vehicle testing
  • Testing of onboard technology (radar, autonomous driving systems, automated parking, mobile data systems, et cetera)

Comtest solutions for automotive testing

Comtest provides the following chamber solutions for automotive testing:

  • Automotive EMC testing chambers (CISPR25)
  • Semi Anechoic chamers for full vehicle testing
  • Reverberation Chambers
  • Shield rooms (for bulk current injection tests)

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Comtest’s veteran engineers have more than thirty years of experience with the design and construction of EMC chambers for automotive compliance testing. If you’re interested in our automotive solutions, or RF absorbers, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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