RF Shielding All RF shielded rooms, reverberation and anechoic chambers supplied by Comtest Engineering are build as a modular concept using modular RF shielding panels.

RF Shielding

Effective RF shielding is a crucial component in any anechoic chamber, shielded room or antenna test range. Comtest uses high-end materials to manufacture its RF shielding panels. The panels are suitable for use in modular designs and a wide range of chamber types and sizes. Contact us using the online forms for more information on our RF shielding solutions.

High-end materials

For the construction of its best-in-class RF shielding, Comtest Engineering uses the latest durable and environmentally friendly material:

  • ZMA-140 sheet metal
    As a result of our continuous efforts to use only the very best components for our products and our dedication to innovation, Comtest Engineering is using a new type of galvanized sheet metal plate material for the production of shielded panels. This new material is called ZMA-140 or Magi Zinc. It is a newly developed, hot dip galvanizing coating on steel with improved corrosion protection properties. The shielding effectiveness characteristics of our chambers are the same or even slightly improved by using ZMA-140 compared to Zinc-275. The long-life performance of the panels is definitely improved.

The use of ZMA-140 offers several benefits over zinc: it’s less harmful to the environment due to a decreased use of zinc, it offers a much better corrosion resistance and it’s high attenuation characteristics will not diminish under normal ambient conditions.

Suitable for modular design

The RF shielding can be combined in a (modular) 2mm pan-type galvanized panel system. The corners of the shielded panels are welded, spray galvanized and assembled with special fasteners M10 on a pitch of 150mm. These fasteners are installed upon a pre-defined torque to ensure a long life RF shielding attenuation. Between the flanges of the RF shielded panels, a high performance gasket is carefully installed. This construction is based on best practices and provides the highest RF shielding performance for both military and industrial applications. Furthermore, the design eliminates the need for welding allowing quick on-site installation.

Standards and testing methods

Comtest’s RF shielding is designed to test the following standards:

  • IEEE-299.
  • IEC/EN 50147-1 March 1996.


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