Positioning Equipment Generally speaking, to perform measurements in an anechoic chamber you require a turntable or test table and some sort of antenna stand. This equipment is used to position your EUT, ready for EMC testing and is referred as positioning equipment.

Positioning equipment

In addition to full EMC chamber and antenna test range solutions with integrated turntables, Comtest can also supply the positioning equipment necessary to create a fully functional testing facility. Our product line-up consists of various types of turntables, antenna masts and stands. Contact us directly for more information or use our online contact form.


Turntables are used in various types of chamber test setups.  Their size, features and maximum load capacity differ depending on the application and customer needs.

  • Diameters: 0.3 meters up to 14 meters.
  • Load capacity: up to several tons.
  • Types: free standing – integrated – heavy duty

Antenna masts and stands

Antenna testing requires frequent adjustment in a fine range of motion. Comtest is able to supply antenna masts & stands. Height and polarisation options for optimal positioning of antennae. Made of high-tensile and low-dielectric materials to minimize their effect on measurement results.

  • Fixed, manual or electrical height adjustment
  • Load capacities ranging from 6 to 20 kilograms
  • Height adjustment from 0.3 up to 6 meters
  • Manual, electric or pneumatic polarization

For additional information please consult our technical consultants.

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