Microwave absorbers Our range consist of high performance, broad band, carbon loaded polystyrene absorbers with an operating frequency of 200MHz up to 50GHz.

Microwave absorbers

MT-series microwave absorbers feature excellent performance at microwave frequencies, which makes them perfect for antenna pattern measurement applications and compact antenna test ranges (CATR).

Are you in need of a microwave absorber for your testing facility? Comtest does refurbishments (chamber upgrades) and supplies individual microwave absorbers for a wide range of applications. Get in touch with us using our online contact forms if you want to know more about the possibilities.

Microwave absorbers with outstanding performance

Polystyrene absorbers have always been far more durable and stable than their polyurethane foam counterparts. In terms of performance however, foam used to be the better option, that is until now. Together with Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions, Comtest has finished development of its new polystyrene microwave absorber: our Javelin-Tipped, high performance absorber with great material characteristics and durability.

Polyurethane versus polystyrene

We have long been staunch advocates of polystyrene absorbers. After all, they offer many advantages over their polyurethane foam counterparts. They have superior rigidity and tensile strength, they are compliant with all necessary fire-retardant standards without the use of hazardous materials and they are highly resilient to changes in ambient humidity and temperature. This results in an extremely durable product that comes with a 25-year warranty and is expected to last well beyond that.

Green and sustainable

Our closed cell polystyrene absorbers don’t contain poisonous fire-retardant chemicals. They are therefore sustainable, environmentally friendly and fully compliant with REACH and RoHS directives. They are also suitable for clean room environments, class 2 as per ISO14644-1 and class 1 as per US Federal Standard 209E.

 Microwave absorber models

Our MT-series consists of 4 types:

  • MT25 (250mm)
  • MT30-JT (300mm)
  • MT45-JT (450mm)
  • MT65-JT (650mm)

Absorber performance graphs can by found in the corresponding brochures.

Specification of the Microwave absorber series
Material Closed-cell polystyrene
Color Dark grey
Dimensions 1200*600*450mm (MT45-JT model)
Weight 10.35kg/m² (MT45-JT model)
Frequency range 200MHz – 50GHz
Power handling 600 W/m² (CW)
Operating temperature +5°C to +35°C
Humidity resistance Non-hygroscopic
Product life time 25+ years
Fire retardancy ISO 11925-2 class E / DIN 4102 class B2 / UL94-HBF / ISO 4589-2
Clean room spec. class 2 as per ISO 14644-1
REACH compliant According to EC 1907/2006
RoHS compliant According to 2015/863/EC

Additional use: sVSWR floor setup

The MT25 absorber is also suited for sVSWR floor setup configurations according for CISPR 16-1-4 testing in semi anechoic chambers used for EMC testing. The MT25 consist of a single baseplate and 128 tapers. The absorber dimensions are 1200*600*250mm (h). To protect the absorber tips whilst stacking the MT25 can be equipped with two grey end caps (model ECT-25-G).

sVSWR floor patch - microwave absorbers

Walkway absorbers

The Comtest walkway solution is designed to provide safe and easy access for the test engineers to the antenna and EUT in full anechoic chambers. Due to the use of connectable fiberglass reinforced epoxy grid panels, they combine extreme strength with minimal RF scattering. It is recommended to use the walkway in the non-critical area of the chamber and at a reduced height compared to the applied floor absorber. More information on walkway solutions, including specifications and pictures, please check our digital microwave absorber brochure.


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