Hybrid absorbers The HT hybrid absorbers are tuned for perfect performance in combination with ferrite tiles in EMC test facilities with an operating frequency from 20MHz to 40GHz.

EMC Hybrid absorbers

Our EMC hybrid absorber range is designed for use in typical semi- and full anechoic chamber setups. Are you in need of an high performance absorber for your EMC facility? Look no further, Comtest Engineering supplies individual hybrid absorbers that suit your requirements. Contact our consultancy team if you are planning to refurbish your testing facility.

High performance hybrid absorbers

The hybrid EMC absorber is a high performance, ultra wide band, carbon loaded polystyrene absorber with an operating frequency from 10MHz to 40GHz. Our HT-series is tuned for perfect performance in combination with ferrite tiles in EMC test facilities. The performance graph can be found in our online brochure and can be downloaded on the right side.

The RF absorbers consist of a single baseplate and separate tapers to allow for unique arrangements. The absorber baseplate has a dimension of 1200 by 600 millimeters. Upon request, the absorbers can be equipped with white end caps in order to improve illumination of the EMC chamber interior and protecting the absorber. Adorning the end caps with a company logo plate is also one of the possibilities.

Environmentally friendly

Our hybrid absorbers are compliant with REACH and RoHS directives. REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. This directive restricts the use of chemical substances such as Lead, Mercury and Cadmium.

Comtest’s hybrid absorbers are also suitable for clean room environments, class 4 as per ISO14644-1 / class 10 as per US Federal Standard 209E.

Technical Data

Currently we distinct the hybrid absorbers into three models, HT25, HT45 and HT65. The differences between these are height, weight and performance (reflectivity).

Specification of the Hybrid absorber series
Material Closed-cell polystyrene
Color Dark grey
Dimensions 1200*600*450mm (HT45 model)
Weight 6,5kg/m² (HT45 model)
Frequency range 10MHz – 40GHz
Power handling 500 V/m (CW)
Operating temperature +5°C to +35°C
Humidity resistance Non-hygroscopic
Product life time 25+ years
Fire retardancy ISO 11925-2 class E / DIN 4102 class B2 / UL94-HBF / ISO 4589-2
Clean room spec. class 4 as per ISO 14644-1
class 10 as per US Fed. Standard 209E
White end cap For improved illumination and protection (upon request)
REACH compliant According to EC 1907/2006
RoHS compliant According to 2015/863/EC


Additional use: field uniformity floor absorbers

In combination with ferrite floor absorbers the HT45 absorber has an additional use as it also suited for field uniformity floor setup configurations according to the IEC/EN-61000-4-3 standard in semi anechoic chambers. To protect the absorber tips whilst stacking the HT45 absorber can be equipped with two grey end caps (model ECT45-G).


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