Polystyrene Absorbers High performance closed cell polystyrene absorbers suitable for hybrid EMC & Microwave test chamber configurations.

EMC Hybrid & Microwave applications

One of the most obvious and important components of anechoic chambers is the RF absorber. Our closed cell, carbon loaded polystyrene absorbers are specifically designed to inhibit the reflection of electromagnetic radiation, which makes them suitable for use in EMC test laboratories as well as antenna chamber applications. Naturally, the absorption characteristics can be altered by using different thicknesses and arrangements. Our absorber products are divided in two main categories: Hybrid & Microwave.

Hybrid chamber solutions make use of ferrite tiles in combination with our HT series of absorbers. Typically for antenna pattern measurement related research our Microwave absorbers can be used. Consult the links at the bottom of this page for details on a specific category or check our brochures online.

Green and sustainable

Our closed cell polystyrene absorbers don’t contain poisonous fire retardant chemicals. They are therefore sustainable, environmentally friendly and fully compliant with REACH and RoHS directives.

Features and benefits

Comtest’s absorbers benefit from unique features and enhanced design:

  • Light weight product
  • Modular design with removable tapers (damaged tapers are easily replaced)
  • Closed cell polystyrene product (no leakage of carbon particles)
  • Uniform carbon cell loading for stable performance throughout the whole product
  • Rigidity and superior tensile strength (no drooping tips)
  • Resilience to humidity (non-hygroscopic)
  • Superior product life (>25 years)
  • Absorber performance with 25 years of warranty
  • Certified for use in clean room environments (class 10.000 / ISO14644-1 class 4)
  • Compliant with fire retardant standard ISO 11925-2 class E / DIN4102 class B2 / UL94-HBF

More about our polystyrene absorbers

All polystyrene RF absorbers are manufactured by our sister company, Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions, also known as DMAS. We rely on DMAS absorbers since it’s introduction back in 2012.

Together we achieved great heights by completing many projects using polystyrene absorbers for both EMC and Microwave frequency testing applications. For more information use the sub-menu and check the available brochures online. Want to get in touch with our technical consultants, please leave a message using our online contact forms.

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