Comtest Engineering partners with Amplifier Research (AR)

Groundbreaking partnership for turnkey EMC test facilities now available to our customers.

Even though the EMC and RF business are at the cutting edge of research and the development of bold new products, its suppliers often have a traditional way of doing things. For customers interested in building new EMC test facilities, this leads to a complicated process involving multiple parties (and costly delays / non compliances) before a new EMC facility is finally up and running. That is about to change.

Comtest Engineering and Amplifier Research (AR) have recently entered into a teaming agreement that has one goal: to provide a single testing solution for all customers regardless of their location or the specificity of their requirements. By combining AR’s knowledge of high-performance EMC instrumentation and Comtest’s reputation for constructing best-in-class EMC chambers, an alliance is created that can service a customer’s every need from design to completion of a fully operational testing facility that’s delivered on time and exactly according to spec.

John Kim, Chief Operating Officer of Amplifier Research (AR): “Fifty years ago, AR was founded on the principle that developing better service for our customers should always be a top priority. The partnership with Comtest allows us to do just that. This announcement marks the start of a new phase where, by acting as a distributor for Comtest in North America, we are in a position to offer fully functioning, turnkey EMC test facilities from a single source. Looking at a rapidly growing market and the demand for reliable suppliers, this really is the best way to augment the value we add for our customers.

Bas de Groot, Managing Director of Comtest, echoes John Kim’s sentiments: “Since our companies serve the same customer base and have the same high standards for quality, reliability and service, this partnership really is the perfect match. Not just for us, but more importantly, for our customers who no longer have to shop around to come up with a working product and deal with potential warranty, planning and budgeting issues. By offering a complete solution ourselves, we take on all of those responsibilities and make it much easier for our customers without any compromise in quality. Indeed, a continued collaboration with AR all but guarantees better performance and great compatibility whatever the application.

About Amplifier Research

AR supplies a multitude of unique, high performance EMC and RF solutions to organizations around the world. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary and continue to offer equipment with technological industry breakthroughs on a consistent basis. The company’s unlimited support network reaches the far corners of the globe. When users purchase from any AR company they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the global leader will be there to help with any problems today, tomorrow, and always. More info is available at https://www.arworld.us

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