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MIL-STD461 / DO-160 semi anechoic chamber

All electrical and electronic equipment produces unintentional radiation, which could be intercepted by a receiving device some distance away from the equipment. Tempest is defined as the study of the emission of unintentional protectively marked data (usually confidential) from an equipment or system. If these emissions are intercepted and analyzed they could reveal compromising emanations hence the protectively marked data.

A MIL-STD461 semi anechoic chamber is designed for testing against international test procedures such as MIL-STD461, RTCA DO-160 and Tempest SDIP. Measurement instrumentation such as Tempest receiver systems, MIL-STD test tables and wideband antennas as well as LISN instrumentation for conducted testing procedures can be provided as a turnkey solution.

Features of a MIl-STD461 / DO-160 semi anechoic chamber:

  • Shielding effectiveness according to EN 50147-1 (>80dB at 10KHz)
  • Absorber layout in accordance to MIL-STD461 / RTCA DO-160
  • Absorber return loss compliant with MIL-ST461 / RTCA DO-160 requirements
  • Suitable for both radiated and conducted testing.

Applicable standards / test methods for a MIL-STD461 / DO-160 semi anechoic chamber:

  • MIL-STD 461-E/F (RE-101 / RE-103 / RE-105 / RS-101 / RS-103 / RS-105)
  • RTCA DO-160
  • Tempest SDIP

Typical performance of a MIL-STD461 / DO-160 semi anechoic chamber:

  • Absorber return loss of 6dB minimum between 80MHz tot 250MHz and 10dB minimum from 250MHz up.

The MIL-STD semi anechoic chamber is designed in full compliance to the MIL-STD461 / DO-160 standard set-up  including a test table and inner clearances regarding the absorbers and the test table.


Typical specifications for a MIL-STD461 / DO-160 semi anechoic chamber:

Personnel door
Wall entry panel
EUT power line
Table support
6.000x5.250x2.925mtr (l*w*h)
2mm ZMA-140 galvanised shielding panels with a structural steel support on the roof panels
Polystyrene absorber solution (model MT65) (partly) lined to walls and ceiling
Honeycomb model 1791-3030 (300x300mm / 18GHz)
RF shielded swing door model 1766-1221 Ma (1200x2100mm)
Model 1795-3030 (300x300mm) including RF connectors
Filtered 240VAC / 16A / single phase model 4801-016
CDMT lights 70W model 1840-070
Reflective metal ground plane
RF-grounding connections to the shielded wall or floor for test table cover connection
In addition to the typical specification of a MIL-STD461 test chamber we are able to tailor the chamber’s specification to satisfy our customers’ individual requirements.

Options for a MIL-STD461 / DO-160 semi anechoic chamber:

  • MIL-STD test-table incl. conductive brass cover (model 1410-001) and sufficient connection strips
  • Active wideband antenna usable up to 3GHz
  • Coaxial switch for 2 antenna’s
  • To test below 70MHz the absorber solution must be changed to a hybrid solution of ferrite tiles and HT25 absorbers.