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MRI rooms

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems operate receiving very weak signals. The RF spectrum in a hospital is polluted due to wide range of electronic equipment generating RF signals. For this reason environmental RF shielding attenuation is required to avoid electromagnetic environmental influences to the MRI system.
In general the required shielding attenuation shall be at least 90dB in the operating frequency range of the MRI. Since there is also a large magnetic field around the MRI the shield room shall be constructed of non-Ferro materials like aluminum.
Comtest MRI rooms are based on the modular pan-type shielding principle using 3mm aluminum. Since this is a modular self supporting system, no soldering or welding is required during onsite installation. A threshold less entrance is an important issue for easy movement of patient beds. To provide such an entrance Comtest automatic or semi automatic sliding doors can be used.