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Shielded antenna test chambers

Although our high performance polystyrene absorbers provide a reasonable degree of transfer attenuation a high RF shielding effectiveness can be a requirement for designing a microwave anechoic chamber. In such application the antenna test room is designed using a RF shielded room with a fully lined absorber treatment (absorbers on all walls, ceiling and floor).

Wireless OTA chambers
Microwave chambers for wireless over-the-air (OTA) testing are built as full anechoic chambers. Typical equipment under test is mobile & telecom products as well as other electronic products using wireless communication techniques. Typical validation procedures for anechoic chambers used for wireless (OTA) testing are Free Space VSWR, CTIA and ETSI TR102 273.

Typical specifications for a shielded antenna test chamber:
Shielding construction*  2mm ZMA-140 galvanized shielding panels
(structural steel support depending on the size of the chamber)
Absorbers MT series polystyrene microwave absorbers
(type depending on chamber performance criteria)
Ventilation Honeycomb panels
Door RF shielded swing door (dimensions depending of the size of AUT)
Wall panel 3mm galvanized steel with sufficient RF connectors
Power line filters High performance shielded mains power line filters
Lighting CDMT lights
Floor system Wooden floor incl. floor absorbers and walkway absorber solution
(distributed load depending on weight of the EUT)